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Funny Santa Claus Pictures

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This is a collection of funny Santa Claus pictures that are part of our funny Christmas pictures collection. I know we are probably biased, but we think this is one of the best collections of funny Santa Claus pictures out there. What do you think?

These pictures feature Santa Claus (or Father Christmas if you prefer to call him that) and the many scenarios and adventures (or misadventures) that he might face over the Christmas period. Even though I say it myself, I think this is a pretty impressive collection of funny Santa Claus pictures and I hope you enjoy them.

Santa Claus Debates Cancelling Christmas

Image source: Social Media

Well that’s not good news is it! I mean, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the big guy!

The Exact Moment When The Soul Leaves The Body

Image source: Social Media

I am sure many a store Santa Claus has felt like this after a long day in the grotto having to deal with hundreds of less than co-operative kids.

Santa’s Naughty List Is Not For Sale

Image source: Social Media

Of course everything has a price and a market, Santa’s Naughty List not being an exception.

Santa Wants A Harley – Mrs Claus Is All For Tradition

Image source: Social Media

Dear old Santa Clause is having a mid-life crisis and wants to trade the sleigh and reindeer in for a Harley. Mrs Claus is not a happy camper, telling him that you can’t break Christmas tradition and the sleigh and reindeer are here to stay.

I’m not so sure a Harley would be a good idea either. Imagine the silence of Christmas Eve being broken by the throaty roar of a motorcycle up on the roof. If you didn’t hear Santa arrive with a screech of brakes, you would sure hear him leave as he revved the beast up. Good intention I’m sure, but it would scare the kids to death!

Mrs Claus Is Not Happy

Image found on Facebook. Please contact us if you own the copyright.

Sometimes even Santa Claus can’t please his wife!

Santa And The Christmas Burglar

Image found on Facebook. Please contact us if you own the copyright

Can you imagine Santa Claus climbing up on the roof of a house, and about to climb down a chimney, when on the rooftop of the house next door there is a burglar about to do the same thing.

Just have to hope that Santa visits after the burglar, and not the other way around!

How To Tell You Have Been Really Bad This Year

Image found on Facebook. Please contact us if you own the copyright

Ah the joy of waking up on Christmas Morning, wandering downstairs and into the living room, only to discover a nasty niff in the air…

Sometimes Coal Just Isn’t Enough

Image Source: Social Media

On a similar theme to the previous picture, you had better be good, because Santa has sometimes been known to leave “surprise” gifts that are worse than coal for those who have been bad.

Santa’s Surprise Christmas Message

Image found on Facebook. Please contact us if you own the copyright

Timmy had been naughty all year long, but he thought this letter to Santa might just ensure he got the Christmas present that he wanted instead of a lump of coal.

Santa And The Rottweiler

Image found on Facebook. Please contact us if you own the copyright

I wonder how Santa does copy with all those houses where people have dogs (or cats for that matter) as pets?

If he didn’t get bitten or chased back up the chimney, what about all those yappy little dogs who would be sure to wake everyone up if they so much as thought they heard an intruder. It’s a miracle that nobody is ever aware that Santa Claus is creeping around downstairs in your house.

Houston We Have A Problem

Image found on Facebook. Please contact us if you own the copyright

I guess it is a bit of a problem, ok a major problem, when Santa Claus gets too fat to fit down the chimney. I guess he would need some serious magic to sort that out on Christmas Eve.

Santa Prepares To Fly Over Rossville Boulevard

Image source: Social Media

Actually this could be substituted for anywhere that is a dodgy area, like Cabrini Green in Chicago, Toxtech in Liverpool or Thornhill Estate in Southampton.

Santa Delivers Everywhere But At Home

Image found on Facebook. Please contact us if you own the copyright

Mrs Claus might want her oil changing when Santa gets home after his Christmas Eve delivery run, but it’s quite understandable that the poor old fat man must have barely enough energy left to drag himself upstairs to bed.

Santa Visits The Wrong Home On Christmas Eve

Image Source: Social Media

Oops! Santa spots the menorah and tries to sneak out, but even though they don’t celebrate Christmas, Jewish families are nice people too.

Stop In Aldershot You Said!

Image Source: Social Media

I wonder if Santa has ever experienced a problem like this? Feel free to substitute Aldershot (in the UK) with any other dodgy city or neighborhood that you know.

Letter To Santa

Image found on Facebook. Please contact us if you own the copyright

The concept of being naughty or nice, where if you are nice you get a present and if you are naughty you get a lump of coal, doesn’t go down with everybody unfortunately.

Sometimes the temptation to have fun being naughty all year long just outweighs the joy of receiving a present on Christmas Day.

Things Aren’t Looking Good For Santa

Image Source: Social Media

Oh dear, things aren’t looking good for Santa this Christmas are they. All that creeping around on rooftops has got him into some serious trouble.

Santa’s Weightwatchers Story

Image Source: Social Media

Santa tells how his diet goes well all year round, then on Christmas Eve he ends up blowing it.

Naughty Or Nice

Naughty Or Nice. Image Source: Social Media

Santa must be a real man after all. He isn’t interested in what the young boy wants for Christmas, he just wants to know if his Mum is naughty or nice! Oh what am I saying, he’s just trying to get a peek at her tits!

All Too Much For Santa

Too Much For Santa. Image Source: Social Media

Oh sod this for a life! Having delivered Christmas presents to over a billion children without so much as a stop for a pee or even a coffee, Santa decides he’s had enough and Christmas can go do one this year!

Mentally Disturbed

Image Source: Social Media

I guess if you have got to this point and are reading this, then you must be mentally disturbed! Hope you enjoyed the funny Santa Claus pictures, and please come back, we are adding more all the time. Well, not ALL the time! We need time to sleep, and after Christmas is over things slow down… but when we find new funny Christmas pictures that we think you might like, up they go.

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