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Rural Gas Station

Rural Gas Station. Image used under a Collective Commons License from

Billy Bob was filling his pickup truck with gas at a rural gas station.

He was in a bit of a hurry and unfortunately when he pulled the nozzle out of his car, some gas poured onto his rolled up shirt sleeve.

The gas station attendant, seeing what had happened, yelled at him, “You might want to wash that off, ’cause it could be dangerous. Your arm could catch on fire”.

“I’ll be fine”, Billy Bob said, then got into his pickup truck, left the gas station and drove off down the road.

As he was driving down the road, Billy Bob rested his arm on the open window sill as it was a really hot day.

Sure enough, due to the power of the sun and the gasoline on his rolled up shirt sleeve, his arm caught on fire.

Billy Bob panicked, stopped his pickup truck on the side of the road, got out and flailed the burning limb in the air.

A police officer who was driving along saw him and pulled over.

He threw Billy Bob to the ground and managed to put out the fire.

Billy Bob got up and was about to say thanks to the police officer, when he saw that he was writing him a ticket.

“Hey, what’s the ticket for?” Billy Bob yelled.

The police officer replied, “It’s for illegal use of a firearm”.

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Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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