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Ripsnorter Is A Wonderfully Descriptive Word

Fart WarningOf all the words that exist for passing gas, the term Ripsnorter conveys a sense of power and awesomeness of the act of farting.  It’s a wonderfully descriptive word don’t you think.

A Ripsnorter could never apply to a regular toot, trump, or any other common terms for blowing off. It’s definitely not representative of those emissions that have little or no sound and no smell either.

A Ripsnorter is what the word sounds like. It’s a World Class Trump. If a Ripsnorter was a Tornado it would be an F5. If it was an Earthquake it would measure at least 8 on the Richter Scale.

Ripsnorters are LOUD! They are often loud enough to wake the dead, and their presence often lingers as well. They are the Oscar winners in the blowing off category for sure.

These are the kind that a son will do and make his Daddy call out “That’s My Boy”!

There are other words that do the same, conveying a sense of awesomeness.

Take a Dragon for example. Nothing special about that really. A Dragon is a bad tempered flying reptile that emits fire, eats people and can destroy villages. But the word doesn’t sound that scary.
Now Behemoth, that’s different. I really don’t know what a Behemoth is, but the mere word just conjures up a vision of something so horrible that it defies belief.

Even when it comes to the size of things, neither Large, Giant or Enormous seem too impressive these days, but Humongous, well that puts something in a category of it’s own.

I love impressive sounding words like that. Are there any impressive sounding words that you are especially fond of?

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