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Riding The Range

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A cowboy was doing what cowboys do best, riding the range on his horse, when a band of renegade Indians captured him, tied the cowboy up and took him back to their camp.

That night, the Indians had a pow wow to decide what to do with the cowboy.

The following morning, the Indian chief went over to the cowboy, who was sitting next to his horse and tied to a tree, to tell him what they had decided to do with him.

The Indian chief told the cowboy that the tribe decided he will get three wishes. He will get one wish a day for three days and then on the fourth day he will be killed and his body left for the vultures to peck at it.

On the first day, for his wish, the cowboy asked to talk to his horse.

The cowboy whispered something into the horses ear and moments later, off went the horse at full speed across the range.

An hour later, the horse came back with a naked blonde woman on it.

The cowboy was rather puzzled, but took the naked blonde woman’s hand and went over to a tent where he spent the rest of the day doing what a man ought to do when he is alone with a naked blonde woman.

The Indians, surprised, looked around at each other. The chief just spat on the ground and said “typical white man!”.

The next day, the cowboy asked to talk to his horse again.

Just like the day before, having whispered in his horse’s ear, off bolted the horse across the range, galloping like the wind.

An hour or so later, the horse returned with a hot naked redheaded woman with long curly hair.

The cowboy, again rather puzzled by this, took the redheaded woman into the tent and I don’t have to tell you what happened in there.

The Indian chief said to the crowd of yong braves that had by this time gathered around, “typical white man!”.

On the third day, the cowboy yet again asked to talk to his horse.

This time, the cowboy grabbed the horses ears and started screaming from the top of his lungs: “I SAID POSSE YOU IDIOT!!!! NOT PUSSY!!!!!”

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