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Really Bad Christmas Joke

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This is bad Christmas joke, in fact it has to be one of the worst Christmas jokes ever, but if we didn’t include the bad jokes, there wouldn’t be much to laugh at would there!  Here it is, so enjoy, or not as the case may be…

A man decided to return to his hometown at Christmas and went for breakfast at a diner that was run by an old friend of his.

The man went in for breakfast, had a good look at the menu, but couldn’t make up his mind what to order to eat.

The owner passed by the table, saw the man struggling to decide what to order for breakfast and recommended to him the Eggs Benedict.

That sounded good, so the man ordered it and waited for it to arrive.

After about 20 minutes, and several cups of coffee later, the owner showed up at the diner’s table with the meal and to the man’s surprise it was served on an old chrome hubcap.

The man was shocked and said to the owner, “What the heck is this?”

The owner replied, “This is your Eggs Benedict sir, served the way it should be. There’s no plate like chrome for the hollandaise.”

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without Funny Christmas Pictures and this is a great collection.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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