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Rabbi Levy

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During a regular early morning temple service, Rabbi Levy couldn’t help noticing that 21 year old Benny was sitting at the back of the shul looking very sad. He had his head in his hands.

So at a convenient moment, Rabbi Levy goes over to him and asks, “What’s wrong, Benny? Tell me. Maybe I can help.”

“Oh Rabbi,” replies Benny, “I just don’t know what to do. Every time I bring a girl home to introduce her to my parents, no matter how wonderful the girl is, my mother always tells me that she does not like her at all.”

“I’ve heard this story many times before,” says Rabbi Levy, “but you’ll be pleased to hear that I have a tried and tested solution for you. Next time you choose a girl, make sure she not only looks just like your mother, but also talks like your mother, laughs like your mother, cooks like your mother, and dresses like your mother. Believe me, Benny, if you find such a girl, your mother will absolutely love her.”

Many weeks go by before Benny finds someone just like his mother. And not only that, but the girl very quickly falls madly in love with him. So Benny invites her to meet his parents and this time is feeling very optimistic that all will go well.

At the next shul service, Rabbi Levy notices that Benny is once again sitting at the back of the shul looking unbelievably unhappy.

So, once again, during a break in the service, Rabbi Levy goes over to Benny.

“What’s wrong Benny?” asks Rabbi Levy. “Couldn’t you find someone like your mother?”

“Rabbi,” replies Benny, “miraculously, I found a girl just like my Mom. Not only did she look just like Mom, but she also talked like Mom, laughed like Mom, cooked like Mom, and dressed like Mom.”

“So everything should have worked out okay for you,” says Rabbi Levy.

“No, rabbi, it didn’t,” replies Benny. “My father hated her.”

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