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Private Parts

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A man suffered a horrific accident and as a result his private parts were badly injured.

He was rushed into hospital, where the doctor reassured him that modern medicine made it possible for his privates to be rebuilt.

Unfortunately, his health insurance policy didn’t cover the cost of the surgery as it was considered to be cosmetic surgery.

Without insurance cover and having to pay for the operation out of his own pocket, the man was given three choices:

  • small for $3,500
  • medium for $6,500
  • and large for $14,000.

The man was sure that he would want a medium or large, but the doctor suggested he go and discuss it with his wife privately, before a final decision was made.

The doctor left the room and while he was gone the man called his wife and told her their options.

When the doctor returned a short time later, he found the man sitting up in the hospital bed, looking very sad and dejected.

“Did you have a discussion with your wife and have you made a decision?” the doctor asked.

“Yes”, said the man. “My wife decided that she would like to remodel the kitchen”.

One small decision for a woman, one giant disappointment for mankind.

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