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Premature Ejaculation

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Premature ejaculation is a problem that many men suffer from as they get older and Bob had got to that time in his life where it was affecting his performance in bed with his wife.

So, he went to see his doctor, who suggested that whenever he thought that he was going to ejaculate early, he might be able to prevent this by startling himself.

Bob had a good think as to how he might be able to startle himself and in a lightbulb moment he came up with what he thought had to be the perfect idea.

So off he went to a local sporting goods store, where he bought himself a starter pistol, planning to have it on hand and ready to use whenever he felt that he was going to finish too soon.

When Bob got home, he had the perfect opportunity to try out his plan as to his surprise he found his wife waiting for him, in the bedroom, stark naked under the covers!

Bob practically ripped his clothes off, got into bed with his wife and the two of them started to make love, passionately.

It wasn’t long before they ended up in a sixty nine position and with his wife doing one of the things that she did best, Bob could feel that he was getting close to a climax.

Not wanting to spoil the moment by climaxing too soon, Bob grabbed his starter pistol which he had laid on the floor next to the bed and fired it twice.

The following day he went to the doctor to let him know how he got on.

“Your advice didn’t work for me doctor”, Bob said, when the doctor asked him how things went. He explained to the doctor how he had bought a starter pistol and had fired it when he felt that he was going to climax too quickly.

“What went wrong?” the doctor asked.

“Well doctor”, Bob replied, when I fired the pistol, my wife crapped on my face, bit three inches off my dick and to top it off, my neighbor came out of the closet with his hands in the air!”

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