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Posh Restaurant

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For a special birthday treat, Liam had taken his fiancee Siobhan out for a fancy meal at a posh restaurant.

The menu looked rather too expensive for Liam’s wallet, so while he perused the menu, he gradually whittled down Siobhan’s choice to either chicken and salad.

Finally, they both decided to order chicken.

After their meal, when they asked for the bill, the waiter came over with a smile, handed Liam the bill and said, “That will be €44 sir.

“Forty four Euros!” said Liam. “Sure but we’ve only had chicken and salad”.

“Yes sir”, explained the waiter, “but you have had chicken breasts. There is only one breast on a bird, so we had to kill two birds to serve you”.

Mumbling to himself, Liam reluctantly paid the bill, just as Siobhan said “Why don’t we have a cocktail? I fancy a horse’s neck”.

“To be sure”, said Liam. I’ll have the legs. They’re not killing two horses!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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