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Plumber At The Pearly Gates

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A plumber turns up at the Pearly Gates one day and asks to be let in.

“What job did you used to do then?”, asks Saint Peter.

The plumber replies, “I was a heating and ventilation engineer.”

St Peter replies, “Always the same, typical plumber, can’t tell the truth. Right you can’t come in here, it’s downstairs for you.”

Well, the plumber is distraught, but off he trudges downstairs, through purgatory, on and on and eventually reaches the doors of Hell.

He knocks and the doors open.

Satan comes out, and says “Come in. Come in”, and so in he trots.

Well as you might expect, after a few days the engineer decides it is a bit warm down there. So, he decides to make a few changes. Pretty soon he has air-conditioning installed, and quite a few other improvements as well.

God and Satan have their regular monthly meeting.

“What’s it like down there then Satan?” asks God.

“Oh much improved. Thanks for sending us that engineer. We’ve got air-conditioning, climate control, lifts to whizz between all floors. It’s really nice down here now,” says Satan to God.

“That must have been a big mistake,” said God. “Peter’s always doing this lately. He goes by first impressions far too much. I want the engineer back. He obviously belongs in Heaven and not Hell”.

“No way, God,” sys Satan. “I’ve got him. He stays here.”

God gets really upset by this. “Give him back. Give him back now.”

“Or you’ll what?” says Satan.

“I’ll sue!” says God.

Satan gets a bit worried about this, then smiles to himself. “And just where do YOU think you’ll find a lawyer?”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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