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Picking Up A Girl To Spend The Night With

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So an Italian man was out drinking in various bars, hoping to get lucky picking up a girl to spend the night with.

While at his favourite bar, he managed to hit on a rather gorgeous blonde woman.

A few drinks later, by which time she was rather tipsy and had succumber to his Italian charm, they ended up back at his apartment where sure enough, it didn’t take long before they were doing what a man and a woman often do after a few drinks when they are in the mood.

After what seemed an eternity of humping and pumping in various positions, the Italian man climaxed loudly. Then he rolled over, lit up a cigarette and asked his blonde date, “So…. you finish?”

After a slight pause she replied, “No”.

Surprised, but rather pleased, he put out his cigarette, rolled back on top of her and had his way with her again, this time lasting even longer than the first and also completing the deed with even louder shouts.

Again he rolled over, lit a cigarette and asked her, “So…. you finish?”

And again, after a short pause, she simply replied “No”.

Stunned, after all his efforts, but still acting reflexively on his macho pride, he once again put out the cigarette and mounted his companion for the night.

This time, with all the strength he could muster up, he barely managed to end the task, but he did, after quite some time and having done so, his energy was totally spent.

Exhausted and covered in sweat, barely able to roll over, he reached for his cigarette … lit it again and then asked tiredly, “So… you finish?”

“No”, came the reply from the blonde girl, “I’m Swedish”.

Ok, they can’t all be good jokes and I admit this was pretty bad, but you are laughing right? Ok, it’s worth a groan at least, or a share to inflict it on some other poor souls.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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