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Perfect For A Round Of Golf

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Father O’Donnell woke up Sunday morning to find that the weather was absolutely perfect for a round of golf and he desperately relished the thought of just being out there on the golf course.

He mulled this over in his head for some time, since it was a Sunday and he was due to deliver the Mass.

The good Father knew that he ought to forget all about playing a round of golf and go to church to deliver the Mass, but the weather was just perfect for playing golf on this Spring day, with clear blue skies and no wind. He hadn’t seen weather this good since last Summer and he decided that he just had to play a round of golf today, no matter what.

So barely an hour before the Mass was due to begin, Father O’Donnell told the assistant priest that he wasn’t feeling well and persuaded him to say Mass for him that day.

As soon as the assistant priest left the room, Father O’Donnell headed out of town and drove to a golf course that was about twenty miles away. By playing here, he knew that he wouldn’t accidentally meet anyone he knew from his parish, which would have left him with some questions to answer in church the following Sunday.

Father O’Donnell set up his golf ball on the first tee and to his delight he saw that he was alone on the golf course. It was after all Sunday morning and everyone else was in church!

He started to feel guilty, but it was such a perfect day, that feeling soon went away.

It was about this time that St. Peter and Jesus were looking down from Heaven and saw what was happening.

St. Peter leaned over to Jesus and said to him, “Lord, you surely are not going to let the priest get away with this, are you?”

Jesus sighed deeply and said, “No Peter, I guess I had better not”.

Just then, Father O’Donnell hit the ball and it shot straight up in the air and flew down the fairway towards the flag, dropping to the ground just short of it. With hardly a bounce, the ball rolled a few feet across the green and then fell into the hole.

Father O’Donnell couldn’t believe his luck. He had just hit a 400 yard hole in one! He even did a little dance, while nobody was watching of course.

St. Peter was astonished.

He looked over at Jesus and asked, “Lord, why did you let him do that?”

Jesus smiled at St. Peter and replied, “Ah Peter, but this was allowed to happen for a reason. I mean, who is he going to tell?”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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