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Patrick Murphy And Seamus

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Patrick, Murphy and Seamus staggered out of a pub in Dublin and flagged down a passing taxi.

The taxi driver stopped and seeing that they were so inebriated when they got in and problably didn’t have a clue about what has happening, he decided to play a trick on them.

When the three of them finally managed to get into the taxi and sit down, the taxi driver just switched on the engine and then switched it off again.

He turned around and said to them, “We are here lads”.

Patrick gave the driver the taxi fare, Murphy said thanks to him, but Seamus slapped him.

The taxi driver was stunned, because he had hoped that none of them would have realised the car didn’t move as much as an inch.

“So what was that for?” the taxi driver asked.

“Next time don’t drive so fast”, Seamus said, “you almost killed us”.

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