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Paddy Was Found Dead

Image used under a Collective Commons License from: fine summer day, Paddy was found dead in his back yard.

As the weather was a bit on the warm side, the wake was held down to only two days, so his mortal remains wouldn’t take a bad turn.

At last his friends laid him in the coffin, nailed it shut and started off down the hill into the churchyard.

As it was a long, sloping path and the mourners were appropriately tipsy, one fellow lurched into the gatepost as they entered the graveyard.

Suddenly, a loud knocking came from in the coffin. Paddy was alive!

They opened the coffinup and he sat up, wide eyed, and they all said, Sure, it’s a miracle of God!

Everyone rejoiced and they went back and had a few more drinks but later that day, the poor lad died again.

This time Paddy really died though.

I mean stone cold dead.

So, they bundled him back into his coffin, and as they huffed and puffed down the hill the next morning, the priest said, “Careful now, boys; mind ye don’t bump the gatepost again”.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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