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Overheard At A High Society Party

Image Copyright Tony Payne 2020

The following is something that was overheard at a “high society” party that was held recently.

I’m sure you can imagine what it’s like at one of these high society events, everyone trying to outdo everyone else in conversation. Well, I assume that like me you would have to imagine what it’s like, since I’m highly unlikely to be attending one of these events, being neither royalty, aristocracy or a celebrity. You too? Yeah I thought so.

Anyhow, here’s how it goes…

“My family history has records going back all the way to Alexander the Great”, Christina said, bragging about her roots.

She then turned to Noah Goldberg and asked him, “How far back does your family go Noah?”

“I don’t really know” Noah replied, “All of our records were lost in the flood”.

And I guess dear friends, there is no comeback to that one!

Image Copyright Tony Payne 2020

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