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One Hundred Thousand Dollars

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A woman went on a television game show and was trying to win the jackpot prize which was one hundred thousand dollars.

She kept getting question after question right and the prize money kept building up.

Finally, she got to the last question and the host said, “Okay, now for one hundred thousand dollars, here is your final question: What are the three most important parts of a man’s body?”

Suddenly the buzzer sounded.

“Oh, I’m sorry”, the host said, “our time is up for today. You will have to come back next week and I ask you that question again. If you can answer it correctly, you will win one hundred thousand dollars!”

So, the woman went home that night and her husband was really excited.

“Wow, honey!” he exclaimed as he hugged her. “You did great! That was fantastic! Just wait until next week! We will win that one hundred thousand dollar jackpot!”

His wife said to him, “Well, I still need to answer that final question correctly. What are the three most important parts of a man’s body?”

The husband answered, “That’s an easy one sweetheart. It’s the head, the heart and the penis.”

So for the next few days, the husband kept testing her with the question.

She was in the shower, when he suddenly stuck his head in around the shower door and called, “What are the three most important parts of a man’s body?”

She quickly replied, “HEAD, HEART, AND PENIS!”

“Great!” her husband replied.

All week long he kept testing her, asking her at the strangest moments and trying to catch her off guard.

But his wife always got the right answer.

Finally, the big night arrived and the woman was very excited as she arrived at the television studio.

The lights went on and soon as they went on the air, the host said to her, “All right! You’ve had a week to prepare! This is the final question. You are going for one hundred thousand dollars. What are the three most important parts of a man’s body?”

The lights dimmed, a spotlight focused on the woman, the studio audience were silent.

The hot bright lights were shining down, the cameramen came in for a close up and the woman started to get flustered.

“Remember”, the host said to her, “this is for one hundred thousand dollars”.

“U”…um…um…the…the…uh…the HEAD”, the woman stammered.

“That’s ONE!” the host replied.

“Uh.uh.uh”, the woman stammered again, “uh.the HEART!”

The host shouted out, “That’s TWO!”

By now, the woman was so nervous that she coul hardly think.

“Oh, I know it, I know it”, she said, “It’s right on the tip of my tongue. I could spit it out. My husband has been drilling it into me all week”.

The host replied, “Aaah, that’s close enough. You wave won one hundred thousand dollars!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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