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Old Aunt Emma

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A couple’s happy married life almost went on the rocks, because of old Aunt Emma who was living with them.

For seventeen long years, old Aunt Emma lived with them, and she was always crotchety, and always demanding, and she had made their life a living hell.

Pretty much, their whole married life consisted of them being her servants, and tending to her every demand, and boy she knew how to crave attention.

Every day it was “Jenny get me this”, or “Harold get me that”.

Well, finally, the old girl passed away.

On the way back from the cemetery after the funeral, Harold confessed to his wife, “Darling, if I didn’t love you so much, I don’t think I would have put up with having your Aunt Emma in the house all those years.”

Jenny looked at him aghast. “My Aunt Emma!” she cried. “I thought she was your Aunt Emma!”

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