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Offbeat News 4th August 2010

Offbeat NewsOffbeat News is a selection of weird news stories that have surfaced in the last week. This is a selection of the best Offbeat news stories that we found and we hope they will leave you as astounded as they did us:

12 year Old Deals Burglar A Tough Blow

When a 12 year old girl from West Sussex in the South of England went into the kitchen after hearing the door slam, she found that she was not alone in the house. A strange man stood there in the kitchen.

Instead of screaming or running away, however, as the stranger stood there and smiled at her, Georgia Bulis-Gray just kicked him very hard in the groin.

The intruder let out a loud groan, then left the kitchen and ran out of the side gate and disappeared.

The girl called the police and gave them a sketch of the man. She drew this while his image was fresh in her mind so as to not forget what he looked like.

When her Mum returned, Georgia was busy making their evening meal, and told her simply that something a bit odd had happened.

While this girl was very brave and also a quick thinker, I dread to think what might have happened had the intruder stayed and inflicted punishment on her for kicking him, or if her attempt to hurt him had failed.

Since she was cooking dinner, it sounds like this is a common occurrence at the house, and you wonder why a 12 year old girl is left alone at home on a regular basis, no matter how grown up she might be.

It’s very worrying on a number of levels…

Read the full story HERE

Giant Wasp Nest Found In Pub Roof

An outbreak of wasps at a pub in Southampton (my local town) on the South Coast of England, caused the landlord to call a pest controller to take a look.

When the controller went up to the loft to take a look, he was amazed to find the biggest wasp nest that he had ever seen.

This nest was so big, it was about the size of a double mattress, measuring 6 1/2 feet by 5 feet, and home to up to half a million wasps.

It’s thought to be the biggest wasps nest ever found in the UK, but not the largest in the world, which is one found in New Zealand in 1963 that measured 12 feet by 5 foot 9 inches.

The pest controller was able to crack open the top of the nest using a telescopic pole, and squirted in a powerful insecticide to kill the occupants.

At this time of the year wasp nests are usually fairly small, since the queen is only just beginning to build her nest, and so this one is thought to have remained untouched for some time.

I have dealt with small ones before, WD-40 actually does a good job on very small nests, but I don’t relish being that close to a big one with hundreds of killer wasps buzzing around me, no matter what I might be wearing…

Read the full story HERE

Beauty Means Flying Without A Mask

Here is a good beauty tip for those women who fly on a regular basis.

Apparently it’s far better to go without make-up if you are going to be flying anywhere, since the dry air on a plane can leave your make-up looking like an Egyptian death mask.

Well that’s a scary thought for most women, and not a pleasant one either for those who have to look at them.

All that thick make-up just look a lot worse after the effects of the conditioned air on board, so ladies, the recommendation is to go au naturel.

Read the full article HERE for good tips on what to do if you are going to be flying.

Down Das Deutsch River With Das Ducks

Well we have all heard of people taking strange vacations, but this beats most of them.

For their vacation, a German couple are swimming 500km (just over 300 miles) down the Fulda and Weser Rivers in Germany, starting at the town of Kassel, and hoping to reach the port of Bremerhaven, where the rivers enter the North Sea, by the middle of September.

This itself is weird enough, but when you hear who they are taking along with them, it makes it even stranger.

Their companions for this voyage, are a family of seven pet ducks.

Wilfried Arnold who is 58 and Pia Marie Witt who is 33 aim to swim 10 to 15 kilometers a day. This is expected to be too much for the ducks, who will be swimming for about 20 minutes a day, and will follow on by car or boat when they get exhausted.

The pair said that this journey is about self fulfillment and is a kind of pilgrimage for them.

I know one thing though, the North Sea is pretty chilly even in the summer, as must be rivers flowing through central Germany. So if they don’t make their destination in the allotted time, Wilfried might have to take on the name Chilly Willy…

Read the full article HERE

Lawnmower Race Cut Short By Recession

Sadly the annual lawnmower races which are held in England have been cut back from 12 hours to 4 hours this year, due to a drop in the number of entries.

The British Lawnmower Racing Association said that the organizers were having to change the content and to shorten the event, since the teams didn’t all have the funding to make the full day event, but they still wanted a race of some description.

The races, which are held over a course of about 548 meters, feature all types of mowers, many of which have been modified for the event.

This unusual sport dates back to 1973 when Irishman Jim Gavin became disillusioned with the high cost of motor sports, and decided to create an affordable alternative.

Former racing champion Stirling Moss helped add to the popularity of lawnmower racing in the 1970’s, and the first 12 hour race was held in 1978, with the winning team including Stirling Moss and Derek Bell, a five time winner at Le Mans.

The sport has spread to a number of other countries, and it is hoped that the race will be back to the usual 12 hours next year.

Read the full story HERE

And The New Miss Chubby Is…

This is a beauty contest with a difference, and it’s held annually in the town of Forcoli, in Tuscany in Northern Italy.

This is no beauty contest for skinny-minnies, it’s a contest for fully figured women, with the competitors having to weigh at least 100kg or

The winner this year was Angela Scognamiglio, who is 33 and comes from Naples, beating 30 other contestants to win the title.

Parading in front of a crowd of 2,500 at a local hotel, Angela who weighs 170kg or 374lbs joined the other contestants in stepping onto a big red scale, and strutting down the catwalk.

There is no prize money for the winner however in this event, just a huge cake to share around.

Read the full article HERE

Store Clerk Uses WWJD To Counter Robbery

When pretty Nayara Goncalves, 20 was confronted with a robber holding a handgun at the cell phone store where she works in South Florida, she didn’t panic, but stayed calm and used the power of preaching to help prevent the store from being robbed.

Nayara, who is a devout Christian and carries her Bible everywhere, told the man about Jesus and asked what would he do?

She kept telling him that “Gos has something better for you” and “Go back to Jesus”.

They went on to discuss the man’s financial troubles, and he told her that he would be evicted if he couldn’t find $300 from somewhere.

Nayara also prayed on the man’s sympathy, saying that whatever he took out of the register would have to come out of her paycheck, and eventually the man left with nothing, apologizing and saying that he didn’t have a real firearm, it was only a BB gun.

The man was later identified, after he robbed a Payless Shoe Store a few hours later, and by the time the police actually made the connection between the two robberies, he was in custody at the Broward County Main Jail.

Read the full story HERE


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