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Offbeat News 3rd November 2010

Offbeat NewsOffbeat News is a selection of weird news stories that have surfaced in the last week. This is a selection of the best Offbeat news stories that we found and we hope they will leave you as astounded as they did us:

Fourth Grader Backpack Deemed Too Racy For School

A fourth grader from the Tampa area of Florida was forbidden from wearing his new backpack to school last week, following a complaint by a parent, which was backed up by the Principal.

The backpack had an illustration of a woman wearing a bikini and showing a lot of cleavage.

However, having been ordered not to bring the backpack to school, the 9 year old’s father said that he would not back down, and sent his son back to school the following day, wearing the same backpack.

In order to try and come to some agreement, the principal modified his ruling, stating that the boy may wear his backpack to school, however once there, he must bring it to the office, take out his books and other items, and then pick up the backpack from the office at the end of the day.

The boy’s father is arguing that the picture is no worse than that of characters such as Betty Boop and is not pornographic, and is suggesting that he might send his son to school in shirts that the school officials might find objectionable.

I know we have to draw the line somewhere, but it sounds like this man is making a martyr out of his son, just to satisfy his own opinions. What are your feelings on this?

Read the full article HERE.

Trapped Alligator Breaks The Record For Length In Florida

A man from Orlando who traps alligators for a hobby, caught a huge one on Sunday, so huge in fact that it broke all records for the longest alligator ever caught in Florida.

The alligator, which was caught in Lake Washington, measured 14 feet 3 ½ inches from head to tail.

Alligators over 14 feet in length are very rare in Florida – thankfully!

The man and two companions were in their boat when they saw the gator, and they could tell by the size of it’s head that it was very large. They harpooned it, which caused it to thrash around, as you would, and it then pulled the boat along faster than the engine could take it.

The beast was too large to put into the boat, and so they had to tow it back to the dock, where they moved it into the garage. The whole process took over two hours.

The record breaking alligator weighed 654 pounds, however this was a long way short of the 1,043 pound record catch.

Read the full story HERE and see the picture.

Lonesome High Rise Condo Man May Get Neighbors

You read of the problems that property companies have been having in selling condominiums following the recession, and Florida is one of the hardest hit areas when it comes to property sales, especially condos.

Victor Vangelakos paid $430,000 for condo back in December 2008, and to date he has been the only buyer to close a contract on a property in the Oasis One Tower in Fort Myers.

Since moving into the property, Victor has been in a dispute with the developer, claiming that they have not built the marina, pro-shop and restaurants that were promised when he signed his contract.

The CEO of the developer says that they still plan to build these amenities, and are planning to auction off up to 125 units, no matter what the highest bid is for them.

This means that if Victor does get new neighbors, they could be paying half the price that he paid, or even less.

It’s a sad situation when you purchased a property at the height of the boom, especially in Florida, where in parts the prices for property were seen to rise by as much as 25% a year, and ended up well overpriced.

After the bubble burst, some properties have gone on the market for barely half of what they were worth only several years before.

Read the full story HERE

Mother Leaves Baby Alone For Eight Hours While She Goes To Theme Park

A 28 year old mother left her 14 month old daughter alone in an apartment for 8 hours while she went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Orlando.

The mother apparently has a history of child neglect, and left her daughter alone in the apartment with just a bag of popcorn in her crib.

According to the police, neighbors saw that there was damage to the door frame and called them to report a burglary.

On gaining entry, the apartment was found to have no running water and was also overrun with cockroaches. The baby was fortunately safe, but alone in her crib.

The police conducted a search for the mother, having found her cell phone in the apartment, but failed to locate her until she turned up in the early hours of the morning, unaware that anything had happened.

She is now in jail awaiting charges for child neglect.

This just adds fuel to my beliefs that some people ought to not be allowed to breed.

Read the full story HERE.

Chinese Man Has Surgery To Remove Chopstick From His Stomach

A 50 year old man from China has had surgery in Shanghai to remove a chopstick from his stomach.

The most curious fact however is that he swallowed the chopstick 28 years ago, and had not bothered to have it removed, because it had never given him any trouble.

He always thought that he had completely digested the chopstick, until he recently began to have stomach pains, and ended up passing out.

On inspection the doctors found the remains of the chopstick inside the man’s stomach and were able to remove it through a small incision.

There is no explanation as to why the man would have swallowed the chopstick in the first place, which is I am sure the question that is on your lips right now. The only thing that the man said was that at the time he was in an agitated emotional state.

Reminder to self: do not get extremely agitated next time you go to a Chinese restaurant.

Read the full story HERE.

Baby’s Life Saved By Café Awning

In a miraculous escape from the clutches of certain death, a 15 month baby girl fell out of an seventh floor apartment window in Paris, and yet apparently has suffered no injuries as a result.

The reason for this, is that although the baby fell seven floors from the apartment, she landed on a café awning, and fortunately a young man saw her start to fall, called his father, and he was able to catch her in his arms after she bounced off the awning.

At that time of the day the café owner would normally have closed the awning, because people have a tendency to drop cigarette butts onto it, and he did not want it to catch fire. It was a miracle that the awning was in fact open.

Police are still trying to find out what happened however, since it appears that the baby and her four year old sister were unattended at the time, their parents being out.

Methinks this is another case in favor of some people not being allowed to breed.

Read the full story HERE.

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