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Offbeat News 3rd March 2010

Offbeat NewsOffbeat News is a selection of weird news stories that have surfaced in the last week. This is a selection of the best Offbeat news stories that we found and we hope they will leave you as astounded as they did us:

Destruction Of Statue Of Christ in Rio De Janeiro Upsets Catholic Church

Brazil’s Catholic Church is taking legal action against Hollywood for using unauthorized images of Rio de Janeiro’s famous statue of Christ in the apocalyptic movie 2012. The archdiocese is demanding damages from the Columbia Pictures company in Hollywood for showing the destruction of this famous landmark in the disaster movie that came out in 2009.

It seems these days that people have to gripe and complain about everything doesn’t it. I wonder if New York City charges every time someone films in Manhattan? I hope they don’t want to charge me for my home movies!

I took video of Corcovado (the hill where the statue of Christ stands in Rio De Janeiro) too, do they want compensation?

I wonder how many people flock to New York and star up at the Empire State Building, imagining King Kong climbing up there, or look at the Chrysler Building which has collapsed in at least several movies that I can think of.

Read the full story HERE.

Dope caught snorting drugs on police car

Police in Germany arrested a party-goer from a nightclub who they caught trying to snort amphetamines off the roof of their unmarked patrol car.

The man had been lining up the powdered drug on top of the car which was in a car park near the club when he was surprised by the two police officers.

Well I have heard of being caught in the act, but you can’t get much more obvious than this

Read the full story HERE.

Spring breakers don speedos, pantyhose and head to Kmart

It’s the start of Spring Break in Florida, and already the crowds of unruly students have been hitting the headlines at Panama City Beach.

A group of seven college students that were visiting for the weekend were just there to party. As the weather was cold, they put on fancy dress costumes, and headed off to the local Kmart, where they disrupted shoppers until the police arrived.

The students, all men between the ages of 18 and 20, were dressed in speedos, women’s wear, wizard costumes and a one even had a lifelike sex toy according to the local Sheriff.

Needless to say, they were rounded up by the police and ordered to leave.

It makes you wonder though, if this was Halloween and not Spring Break, would any action have actually been taken?

Read the full story HERE.

Man charged with making over 200 fake calls to 911

The man made a total of 218 calls to the emergency services on three days. He would apparently only talk to female dispatchers, and made remarks that were sexually explicit to them. When troopers arrived on the scene of each of these calls, they found nothing.

The caller was finally traced, arrested and fined $109,000.

Read the full story HERE.


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