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Offbeat News 31st March 2010

Offbeat NewsOffbeat News is a selection of weird news stories that have surfaced in the last week. This is a selection of the best Offbeat news stories that we found and we hope they will leave you as astounded as they did us:

Grandma Gets Tagged For Selling Goldfish To A Child

So a 66 year old Grandmother and pet shop owner in the UK was fined and electronically tagged because she sold a goldfish to a minor under the age of 16.

Her son, 47, was also ordered to do community service, and is saying that this is an over zealous use of the animal protection laws in the UK.

I do agree with him. Considering the torture that goldfish go through being stuck in plastic bags at the fairground, compared to the luxurious lifestyle that they have in a pet store.

If you ask me, it’s a load of carp.

Read the rest of the story here

US General Declares War On Junk Food

The US Commander in Afghanistan has banned US and NATO troops from eating fast food.

I understand that he does not want the troops to get fat, but I can’t see that in places like Bagram and Kandahar that there are many opportunities to go out and get fast food, not even a goat-burger.

Read the rest of the story here

Robbers Tunnel Into Paris Bank

Robbers dug a tunnel and broke into a branch of the Credit Lyonnais bank this week and stole the contents of over 200 private safes.

Apparently they spent several hours on the job, and then set the building alight as they left.

It’s a shame, the newspaper headlines would have read so much better if they had set fire to a bank in Berne.

Read the rest of the story here

Man Arrested For Pouring Urine Over His Father

A man yelled at his disabled father for using a pot to boil potatoes, then took the urinal cup that was attached to his walker and poured it over his head.

He also then poured the pot of water and potatoes over his father’s head, and that’s when his father called the police.

Why was I not surprised to hear that this took place in Port St. Lucie, which is the redneck capital of Florida. You have to see the photograph of the son – he looks like someone out of Prison Break.

Read the rest of the story here

Man Arrested For Streaking Tells Police He Was Bored

A Tennessee man was arrested for running naked through a supermarket, and told police that he did it because he was bored and had nothing else to do.

Apparently he entered the store after dark, wearing only a face mask.

I wonder if anyone offered him a bun for his weener?

Read the rest of the story here

Anyone For Butterbeer?

This is a new brew (non alcoholic) that is specially brewed for and only available at the new Wizarding World Of Harry Potter attraction in Orlando that is due to open in June.

According to a local reporter, “Think shortbread cookie with butterscotch. It’s amber-colored with a foamy top, cold and sweet”.

If I was going to Orlando this summer, I think this would be one of the top attractions on my list. No not the beer – the Hogwarts experience itself. I imagine it’s brilliant.

Read the rest of the story here

Well you heard these stories first on Offbeat News, and if these aren’t proof enough that the truth is stranger than fiction, check the previous installments of this weekly series:


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