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Offbeat News 30th March 2011

Offbeat NewsOffbeat News is a selection of weird news stories that have surfaced in the last week. This is a selection of the best Offbeat news stories that we found and we hope they will leave you as astounded as they did us:

In this edition of Offbeat News, we have stories that include Mom Does Drugs, Dad Drops Baby, Teenage Girl Gets Car, Message In A Bottle, Failed Robbery and more.

How Does A Mom Party And Do Drugs?

It’s a common problem everywhere I guess, just how is a mother of an 18 month old child supposed to party and do drugs when they have a youngster in tow.

A 31 year old mother of a toddler from Bradenton in Florida figured out just what to do.

She went up to a stranger, and told them that she was having trouble with her car, and asked them if they could watch the baby for her.

When she failed to return, the stranger notified the police, who were able to track her down, and yes she had been using drugs.

The saddest thing of all, other than this occurring in Florida, is that these people are allowed to breed.

Read the full story HERE.

Dad Drops Baby While Watching Parade

Picture the scene if you will. It’s a nice sunny day in Florida, and Mom and Dad are watching a parade with their 2 month old daughter.

The Mom hands the girl to Dad, who has had at least 5 or 6 beers while watching the parade, and a short time later he drops her, which results in her falling about 5 feet, her head hitting the concrete when she lands.

When the Dad was questioned, he was so drunk that he could neither remember how to spell his daughter’s name nor her date of birth.

The baby was taken to hospital, but released later that day. She had a contusion and swelling on the back of her head.

Read the full story HERE.

How Does A Teenage Girl Get A New Car These Days?

You are 17 and an honor student in Fort Myers, Florida, and you have also been awarded several scholarships to Ivy League schools.

Sounds like a dream come true doesn’t it, but the one thing you are lacking is a car, and you want one badly.

So what do you do? You ask your Mom if she will co-sign on a loan agreement for you don’t you.

Well what happens if Mom doesn’t want to?

In this case, the 17 year old girl (yes GIRL) threatens to kill her, and returns home with a gun, pointing it at her Mom’s head, and then smacking her around the head with it, demanding that she goes with her to the car dealership, which she did.

The girl, happy with her 2004 Nissan causes no further problems, however the following day while she is at school, the Mother calls the cops.

To look at her and to read her record you would think of her as a great student and a daughter to be proud of, but after this incident, she is in the juvenile assessment center.

The mother didn’t want to prosecute her daughter, however the judge decided to keep her locked up until a decision has been made on what to do with her.

Read the full story HERE .

Message In A Bottle A Rare Find

Finding an old bottle washed up on the shore that had a message in it is something that down at the beach as a kid I always imagined would be really cool.

I mean, we grew up with stories of shipwrecks, and tales of Robinson Crusoe and the Swiss Family Robinson, but never quite realized how rare finds like this could be.

A 13 year old boy from Russia was walking along the beach a few weeks ago when to his amazement he found a bottle lying in the sand dunes, and yes it did have a note inside.

The note was written in German, and dated 7th September 1987, 24 years ago.

The boy’s father translated the note, and found that it had been written by a 5 year old boy from Germany.

They told the local television channel, who were able to track down the author, who is now 29 and works in a bank.

The sender could hardly remember sending the note, which his father had written and signed, but his parents still live at the same address and his father showed him a photograph of them holding the bottle, before they threw it into the sea.

What a great find! I want to head off down to the beach now!

Read the full story HERE .

Sorry There Is No Jewelery Here

Staff at an accountancy company in Walkerville, Adelaide in Australia had a good laugh this week when a man walked into their office and demanded that they open the safe.

He had meant to enter the jewelery store which is next door, but when staff told him that he had got the wrong store, he ran out of the office and disappeared.

Interestingly enough, while looking for more information on this story, it seems that the following day a violent criminal with a past history of serious crimes did rob a jewelry store in the same town, and was captured after a four hour siege (see here).

I have no idea if the two events are connected though. It would be funny if they weren’t.

Read the full story HERE .

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Offbeat News as much as I enjoyed compiling all the stories.

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As always, your comments on any of these news stories are appreciated, and if you enjoy Offbeat News, please share this edition with your friends.

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