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Offbeat News 23rd June 2010

Offbeat NewsOffbeat News is a selection of weird news stories that have surfaced in the last week. This is a selection of the best Offbeat news stories that we found and we hope they will leave you as astounded as they did us:

Rapper Plagues Police With Emergency Calls

Since January the Police in Greater Manchester in the UK have been plagued by a rapper who dials 999 (the UK emergency number) and raps to the operators before hanging up.

Since operators are not allowed to cut off a call, in case it is an emergency, they have to listen to his ranting, which is usually hard to decipher, but appears to be something to do with citizen’s rights.

In the last 3 months he has made over 700 calls, and despite more than 60 sim cards having been blocked, he continues to find new ways to call.

Read the full story HERE

Entries Are Flooding In For Desert Regatta

A yacht club in the outback of Australia has had about 50 boats register for an event in early July that is really rare.

The giant salt pan at Lake Eyre in the South Australian desert does not have enough water this year to float a boat, and so the regatta is being held instead at Lake Killamperpunna (and you thought Vuvuzuela was hard to spell/pronounce!).

A month and a half ago this lake was bone dry, and now in the middle of the Australian winter, it looks like it has been there for 20 years.

Sailboat enthusiasts are coming from all over Australia to have a chance to sail on this lake, which is 200 metres wide and 5 metres deep.

The lake flows between sand dunes which are at this time covered in wild flowers, which makes it a really unique site in the middle of the desert.

Who would have thought it…

Read the full story HERE

Owner Of Meteorite Unsure What To Do With It

A farm owner in South West Queensland in Australia has won a court battle this week, in which a local magistrate awarded him ownership of a 25kg (55lb) meteorite which was found on his property.

The rock was found last year by the caretaker of the property, and since it was found on the property, the family are pleased that they can keep it, unless of course someone takes an interest in it.

Read the full story HERE

Sheep Wearing Slippers Amaze Farmers

Yet another story from Queensland in Australia, where the winter has been exceptionally wet this year.

It has been so wet, that grass is growing really thick, and it is sticking to the legs of the sheep, making it look like they are wearing big slippers.

It has been known for the grass seed to stick to a sheep’s face when they bend down to eat, but the furry slippers they are wearing this year are really extreme.

Read the full story HERE.

Naked Cowboy Tells Naked Cowgirl To Stop Stealing Trademark

Robert Burck is famous in New York as the Naked Cowboy. He is often seen in Times Square, wearing nothing more than a pair of briefs and a cowboy hat, playing his guitar and singing along to earn a living.

Apparently a woman is now playing the same game, and he is not too happy that his trademark idea has been stolen, especially as it’s by a 50 year old former stripper called Sandy Kane (sounds rather like Kandy Kane who is a porn star, although I of course know nothing of these matters).

Sandy is to be seen wearing a red, white and blue cowgirl hat with a matching bikini. At 50 that might not be something everyone wants to see either. Of course the cowboy doesn’t look any younger.

He wants to charge her a franchise fee of $500 a month, which I am sure she won’t be happy about either. Let the battle commence…

Read the full story HERE

Man Didn’t Get His Way At BK

A Florida man flew into a rage at the drive thru window at a Burger King when he was informed that they were out of lemonade.

Apparently he leaped out of his pick up truck, leaned through the window, and grabbed the manager by her shirt.

He eventually let go, and drove to another fast food place across the street, but staff had managed to take his license plate number, and the police soon caught up with him.

Apparently he was arrested for getting into a rage over lemonade last year too.

Give some people lemons and they will make lemonade. He just wants his lemons…

Read the full story HERE

Kitten Survives 90 Mile Drive In Truck Engine Compartment

A 5 week old male kitten jumped into the engine compartment of a truck, and then survived a high speed drive from Fort Lauderdale in Florida to Stuart, 90 miles north along I-95, with the truck doing speeds of up to 80mph.

The driver stopped at a fast food restaurant, and heard the kitten mewing when she came out with her food.

She popped the hood of the truck, and there was the kitten, which leaped out and was practically scared to death. So scared in fact that it took 2 hours to catch it.

The driver is just grateful that she didn’t use the drive thru window, and I guess so is the kitten, which is one of a litter of feral kittens that were born 5 weeks ago at her sister’s house, where she was visiting.

Read the full story HERE

Miami Beach Millionaire Chihuahua

The latest socialite in Miami inherited a fortune when her owner died of cancer aged 67.

What makes this socialite different to the rest – is that she is a chihuahua!

She lives in a mansion worth over $8 million on Sunset Island, a millionaires paradise,and also has a $3 million trust fund.

The late owner’s only child is fighting a legal battle over the money, claiming that his mother was manipulated into changing her will and leaving it to her cats and dogs, and also her hired help.

She also apparently left $27 million to her maids, bodyguards and personal trainer, and also left some of them the right to live rent-free in the mansion, which has seven-bedrooms and eight-bathrooms, in exchange for taking care of the dogs.

The son, Bret Posner, however, only got $1 million.

This might be an interesting story to follow, since there must have been an estranged relationship between mother and son for this to happen, plus her lifestyle almost certainly left her open to being maneuvered into changing her will.

Read the full story HERE


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