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Offbeat News 20th October 2010

Offbeat NewsOffbeat News is a selection of weird news stories that have surfaced in the last week. This is a selection of the best Offbeat news stories that we found and we hope they will leave you as astounded as they did us:

Multi-Millionaire Lord Sugar Given Winter Fuel Allowance

Strangely enough this story has come to light during a week when the biggest cuts to public spending in history have been announced in the UK, in an attempt to reduce the enormous debt that the previous Labour Government had left the country with.

Lord Sugar, founder of the Amstrad Corporation and one of the wealthiest people in Britain, apparently receives an annual payment of £200 ($300) to help cover the higher cost of heating during the winter months.

Alan Sugar is the UK equivalent of Donald Trump, and likewise is head of the UK version of the television show The Apprentice.

He says that he began receiving the payment when he turned 60, and despite attempts to give it back, the Civil Service insisted that he keep it.

Good man that he is, Alan Sugar deposits the money into his bank, and adds it to the money that he provides for good causes, rather than just spending it.

Read the full story HERE.

Believe It Or Not There Is A Tipsy Gene

Researchers from the University of North Carolina have apparently found a gene that affects how people react when they drink alcohol.

The gene, which is called CYP2E1, seems to accelerate the effect of alcohol in the 10-20 percent of people that have it.

People who have this gene are able to break down alcohol faster, which helps to explain why they feel the effects much faster.

It is hoped that this research will be helpful in providing some protection against alcoholism.

Those with the gene will no doubt be rejoicing, since they now know it costs less to get them drunk.

Read the full story HERE.

Man Gets Arm Stuck Down Toilet

Emergency workers who were called to a situation in eastern China found a man with his whole arm stuck down a toilet.

The man had apparently dropped his mobile phone down the toilet, and had put his arm down as far as he could in an attempt to retrieve it, but his arm had become stuck in the process.

The emergency team were able to free the man, but unfortunately had to smash the porcelain toilet bowl in the process.

The man was freed successfully and his arm is now ok. They were also able to rescue the phone, but not surprisingly it no longer works.

Read the full story HERE.

The Queen Cancels Christmas

Queen Elizabeth has decided to cancel a Christmas party that was due to be held at Buckingham Palace, stating that it would not be appropriate to spend such a lavish amount of money when so many people in the UK are struggling financially and the government are making huge spending cutbacks.

The event is usually held for members of the royal household every two years and was due to be held on 13th December, and to be attended by 1,200 people at a cost of £50,000 ($80,000).

One sadly disappointed member of the palace staff told a reporter from The Sun newspaper that this was the first time in memory that the party has been cancelled.

It’s only at events like this that the Royal Family are seen to let their hair down, and it’s not unusual to see the Queen or Prince Philip dancing with members of their staff.

Read the full story HERE.

Drunk Woman Falls From Moving Motor Home

A group of three people from Alabama were driving through Florida in their motor home, when one of them had to answer the call of nature and went to use the bathroom.

It is unclear what happened next, whether the woman tried to use the wrong door and fell out, or leaned on the door and it opened accidentally, but she ended up sliding along 100 feet of the paved emergency lane before ending up on the grass shoulder of the highway.

The driver realized that she had fallen out and managed to stop the motor home about a quarter mile down the road.

The woman was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

This just goes to prove in a very unusual way that it’s not safe to drink and drive, even if you are not the one at the wheel.

Read the full story HERE.

Woman Spend Seven Hours Shoplifting In Wal-Mart

A 21 year old woman spent no less than seven hours at the Wal-Mart in Port St. Lucie in Florida last week, during which she took clothing off hangers, folded the items, and placed them into a shopping cart.

Finally the woman didn’t go to the checkout, but headed to the store exit, where she was detailed by store security until the police arrived.

Her shopping cart had a total of 54 items in it, worth $455.90.

The woman has been charged with felony retail theft.

Read the full story HERE.

As always, your comments on any of these news stories are appreciated, and if you enjoy News From A Weird World, please share this edition with your friends.

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