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Offbeat News 19th January 2011

Offbeat NewsOffbeat News is a selection of weird news stories that have surfaced in the last week. This is a selection of the best Offbeat news stories that we found and we hope they will leave you as astounded as they did us:

In this latest edition of Offbeat News you can find bizarre news stories that include an elderly woman bashing a burglar, UK Motorists Top Ten Pet Peeves, Recreating 100 year old whisky, couple float down river on a sex doll, Pulpo Paul’s shrine, how to stop your local library from closing and more.

The stories to be found on Offbeat News are the kind that are just so bizarre, they make you realize that fact is often stranger than fiction, and make you wonder what on earth people were thinking to get into the news in this way.

Elderly Woman Bashes Burglar With Heirloom Walking Stick

A pensioner who found a man searching her house for valuables in the middle of the night made him wish he hadn’t intruded, after she grabbed her late father’s walking stick and beat him out of the house with it.

The man, a 34 year old drug addict and habitual burglar, cut himself on glass as he made his escape, and police were easily able to follow the trail of blood.

The woman, who is 84 years old and comes from New Milton, near Bournemouth on the South Coast of England, woke up at 3am, saw the light on upstairs, and wondered if her daughter, aged 59, who lives with her, might be ill.

She went to investigate, and found the man searching the spare bedroom.

As he approached her she screamed, which woke her daughter, who came out of her room and grabbed the man around his neck.

The struggle lasted 8 minutes, beginning in an upstairs room and ending in the conservatory.

In an attempt to get the man to let go, the elderly woman grabbed the walking stick and kept beating the man until he head-butted his way through a glass door.

The man ended up in court and is now serving a 3 year sentence. The two women were both given police bravery awards.

Although they suffered some bruises, that was a happy ending to a nasty incident. If only more burglars could suffer like this.

Read the full story HERE .

What Irritates Motorists Most In The UK?

A new survey of motorists in the UK has found that the two things that irritate them most are Lane Hogging and Tailgating.

Unlike countries like the USA, in the UK drivers cannot undertake, in other words overtake another vehicle on the inside lane.

It often used to irritate me in the USA when another vehicle sat in the middle or fast lane on the highway, when the inside lane was empty, but at least you could still overtake it on either side.

In the UK however, overtaking is only allowed on the driver’s side, so even if there is no traffic in the inside lane, should you risk it and undertake another vehicle, the police will not be very sympathetic, and there are a lot of surveillance cameras on the roads in the UK.

Next pet peeve among motorists is Tailgating, where another vehicle rides your bumper, which is not only annoying, but extremely dangerous.

I like to deal with this by either slamming on my brakes briefly, hoping to cause them to slam theirs on even harder, or having been moving at a constant speed, begin to slow down so that they suddenly realize they are getting closer and closer.

Other pet peeves include motorists who swerve across lanes without warning, or who change lanes without indicating.

Also on the list, are those drivers who are constantly applying the brakes for no reason, which I find personally very irritating.

The full article has a list of the top ten pet peeves of British Motorists.

Read the full story HERE .

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Distillers Try To Recreate Taste Of 100 Year Old Scotch Whisky

Distillers in Scotland are hoping that they can recreate the recipe used to make a century old whisky, that was found in bottles that had been stored in a natural fridge with a constant temperature of minus 30 Celsius for the last 100 years.

“So where is this natural fridge, and why was the whisky stored there?”, you might be asking.

The three bottles of whisky that have been returned to Scotland are part of a cache that was found last year, underneath the floorboards of a hut that was used by the explorer Ernest Shackleton, during his failed attempt to reach the South Pole in 1908.

The hut was found to contain three crates of whisky, all marked “British Antarctic Expedition 1907” as well as two crates of brandy. Even though the crates were frozen, the contents of the bottles remained in liquid form.

The whisky is believed to have been bottled in 1896 or 1897, which puts it amongst the oldest remaining whisky in the world.

Distillers are hoping to successfully test the whisky, by extracting small samples with a syringe, and to recreate the recipe.

Read the full story HERE .

Pulpo Paul Is To Have A Shrine Built For Him

I don’t think there are many football (soccer) fans who haven’t heard of the octopus in an aquarium in Germany who successfully predicted every result for the German team during the World Cup in South Africa in 2010.

Sadly Paul passed away several months ago, but now the aquarium in Germany where he lived, is building a shrine to honor his memory.

The shrine will be at a “Paul Corner” at his former home, and will consist of a 1.8 meter high statue of Paul, standing on top of a football. His ashes will also be interred there.

Read the full story HERE .

River Rescue After Woman Loses Grip On Sex Doll

Well I bet you think this happened in Florida, after all many of the weird stories reported here originate there, but in this case you would be wrong.

Apparently a man and woman, both aged 19, were floating down the Yarra River in Melbourne, Australia, using inflatable lifesize dolls as floatation aids.

The woman lost her grip on the doll when they hit some turbulent water, and was able to grab hold of an overhanging branch and called for help.

A kayaker was able to head over to the pair and gave them life jackets. They were later rescued by SES (State Emergency Service).

As for the blow up dolls, nothing more has been reported, so presumably they floated out to sea and are now on their way to join the flotilla of plastic ducks as they drift around the oceans.

Read the full story HERE .

How To Stop A Library From Being Closed

The small town of Stony Stratford near Milton Keynes, north of London in the UK, is really only noteworthy of it’s two pubs, The Cock and The Bull being thought to be related to the origins of the phrase “a cock and bull story”.

However, Stony Stratford has been in the news in the last week as a result of Milton Keynes Council reducing their budget, and as a result wanting to close it’s library.

Local residents, however, came up with a plan to help save the library and to demonstrate it’s value to the community, by having each resident borrow their maximum of 15 books, which has left the shelves of the library, which normally holds 16,000 books, empty.

The campaign was so successful, that at one point, almost 380 books were being checked out on loan every hour.

The local council in Stony Stratford is supporting the residents in it’s attempt to stop the closure by Milton Keynes Council, because it is also one of a number of groups that used the library for meetings.

The final decision has yet to be made, but we can only hope that despite the need to cut costs, the small town of Stony Stratford is permitted to keep it’s library open.

Read the full story HERE .

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