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Offbeat News 15th December 2010

Offbeat NewsOffbeat News is a selection of weird news stories that have surfaced in the last week. This is a selection of the best Offbeat news stories that we found and we hope they will leave you as astounded as they did us:

Pilot Ends Up Pooped After Historic Flight Crash Landing

The crowd waited with tense anticipation in Ballarat, Australia last week, as veteran pilot Ben Buckley attempted to re-create an event that took place in 1910, the first powered, controlled flight in an Australian designed and built aircraft.

Despite some problems with power and the controls, the pilot was able to get the aircraft off the ground, however it then veered off the runway and crashed into a huge pile of chicken manure.

I am sure there will be many jokes made about this, you don’t get too many stories about pilots ending up crashing into poop.

Read the full story HERE .

Supermarket Thief Makes A Getaway In A Motorized Shopping Cart

If you are a regular reader of News From A Weird World I am sure that you have probably guessed from the article title that this took place in Florida.

At a Winn-Dixie supermarket in Riviera Beach in Florida last Sunday, shoppers were going about their business as usual, until an employee called the manager to report that a man had driven out of the store in a motorized shopping cart which was full of groceries that he had not paid for.

On heading out of the store, the manager and a security guard met a woman and her 4 year old son, who had been run over by the man as he drove out of the store at full speed, and the boy had not been able to move out of the way in time.

The store manager called the police, and they were able to catch up with the man at a nearby gas station. The police found 11 packs of meat in the cart, all of which were from Winn-Dixie,

When the police tried to arrest the man, he said that he wasn’t going to go down without a fight, and managed to hit one of the officers.

He was charged with two counts of larceny as well as aggravated battery on a child, being in possession of stolen property and resisting arrest.

Only in Florida… there is always something about these people, and if you look at his picture in the full article, it makes you wonder.

Read the full story HERE .

Gun Store In Florida Is #10 In The Nation

Well that’s good you might think, unless you are against guns and people having guns. A store in Florida that is ranked #10 in the nation.

Unfortunately, the reason the store is ranked so highly is that it’s #10 in the nation for selling guns that have been used in crimes.

The store, Shooters Firearms and Gun Accessories in Jacksonville, Florida, has in the last 4 years sold more than 1,300 firearms that were used in crimes, and that were later traced back to the store.

Although this is not a good reputation for the store to have, you would have thought that the police could benefit from putting 24/7 surveillance on the store, and having access to their sales records.

Not only would the police know who had been buying what, they might also be able to predict what crimes were going to take place.

So this is good news I suppose – unless you happen to live in Jacksonville.

Read the full story HERE .

Oh Where Oh Where Did My Kitty Disappear To?

It seems that as many as 60 puppies and cats have disappeared in recent weeks in the small fishing village of Cortez in Manatee County in Florida, and it is thought that the culprits are a pack of coyotes that have moved into the area.

Residents have reported hearing yipping and yowling at night, and have actually seen coyotes snatching puppies.

People living in the area have been advised to keep their pets locked up, and also to lock away trash and pet food, and above all to not feed the coyotes.

It’s sad if you happen to lose a precious pet, but the presence of coyotes will at least help to keep down the number of stray dogs and cats.

Read the full story HERE .

Rare Beatles Memorabilia Up For Auction

It’s not often these days that previously unknown items by legendary pop band The Beatles turns up, but this is exactly what happened this month, and in my home town of Bournemouth as well.

The collection of photographs, and even an unheard recording belong to Howie Casey, who played saxophone on a number of tracks with The Beatles, and later with Sir Paul McCartney’s band Wings.

Included in the collection are photographs of Paul and Linda McCartney crossing the River Mersey on the ferry, and a recording on cassette of Sir Paul working on a track for a Ringo Starr album in the early 1980’s.

The collection had been more or less forgotten until Mr. Casey, who is now 70, moved house. He has now decided to sell them, and the auction is on 17th December at Sherborne in Dorset .

Howie Casey might not be well known by name, but he played with a number of bands in Liverpool, and his band played in Hamburg before the Beatles joined them. He was also touring with Wings when Paul McCartney got busted for drugs in Japan, the event that inspired the legendary track Band On The Run.

Read the full story HERE .

Zimbabwe Wants To Send Cecil Rhodes Home

To most people outside of the UK and what is now Zimbabwe this story might not seem significant, but back in the 1960’s the move of Zimbabwe, back then Rhodesia, towards independence from Britain, sparked a huge international situation.

Rhodesia was born out of the colonial efforts of Cecil Rhodes, a mining magnate of the late 1800’s who created what was until after independence a peaceful and wealthy country.

Now, more than 30 years after the country gained it’s independence from Britain, and over 100 years since the death of Cecil Rhodes, a politician from Zimbabwe wants to exhume the body of Cecil Rhodes and send it back to Britain, claiming that it is an insult to the citizens of the country.

Even though you might not know much about the history of Zimbabwe, I am sure you have heard about the country’s president, Robert Mugabe, and the corruption that has taken the country to a situation of ruin.

If this is of interest to you, the full article in the Daily Mail is very detailed and gives a good insight into Cecil Rhodes and his role in making Britain a major power in Africa, all the way from Cape Town in the south to Cairo in the north.

Read the full story HERE .

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