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Offbeat News 13th May 2010

Offbeat NewsOffbeat News is a selection of weird news stories that have surfaced in the last week. This is a selection of the best Offbeat news stories that we found and we hope they will leave you as astounded as they did us:

Giant Herring Found In Sweden

A giant herring that measured 3.5 metres was discovered off the west coast of Sweden’s this week.

This is the first time a fish of this type has been found in the Scandinavian country in more than 130 years according to a maritime museum.

The species, which is known as the king of herrings was found dead in a small fishing village.

The passer-by who found the specimen, said he saw something floating down by the water, at first thinking it was a piece of plastic, until he saw the eye.

When asked for further information by reporters, the man gave a puzzled look. When asked again, he apologised and said that he was a “little hard of herring”.

You can read the full story here

Lebanon Revives Humongous Hummus Battle

Oh boy here is a fun headline if there ever was one – I bet the author who thought this up couldn’t wait to share it!

Apparently Lebanon and Israel are competing to see who can make the world’s biggest place of hummus.

Hummus is a dish made of chickpeas and common through much of Eastern Europe and the Middle East, as well as being popular throughout much of the world.

The Lebanese have put forward their entry, a 10-ton plate, which was verified by a representative from the Guinness Book Of Records.

Now I love Hummus, and have been known to toast Pita Bread and tuck into it for breakfast, but I somehow don’t think I could manage a 10-ton plate! I mean, where do you start? Just how do you eat it, or even serve it out, and surely the mix gets rather oily towards the bottom. And that’s not even mentioning the effect of all that garlic on anyone who comes close… phew…

You can read the full story here

The French See Themselves As A Nation Of Grumblers

It’s not surprising to most of us to see the French identified as an irritable lot, but now a new survey has shown that they themselves actually think the same.

Men are apparently grumpier than women, and use their being grumpy to help get what they want.

Well I know being grumpy never got me what I wanted. Making cute noises and begging like a dog never did either, but that’s another story….

You can read the full story here

Thousands Of Feet Of Oil Containment Boom Missing

Now this is bizarre, but also really sad and shows how selfish and uncaring some people are.

Apparently 3,400 feet of the booms that are being used to try and contain the every growing oil slick off the Gulf Coast of Florida have gone missing, presumably stolen.

It’s not uncommon for these items to go missing unfortunately, and the cost of this equipment was around $68,000!

I hope that whoever is given the opportunity to buy this, turns the thieves in to the police. It’s not just theft, it’s preventing the saving of wildlife and fish on the Gulf Coast, which will now cost more and also probably create more problems for fishermen and anyone else who relies on the coast for work.

You can read the full story here

Cruise Line Sinks Couple’s Dream Wedding

A Florida couple had paid out a small fortune for a dream wedding aboard the cruise ship Carnival Sensation.

Well, the wedding party and guests arrived on the morning of the wedding, to find that there had been a bomb scare, therefore the wedding would have to be delayed.

During the 3 hour delay, regular passengers on the ship were given access to a special pre-ceremony buffet which was supposed to be private.

As soon as the wedding party sat down to eat, they were told that the wedding would have to start immediately, because the captain wanted to evacuate the ship.

So, off they all headed to the chapel, where the actual ceremony was over in 6 minutes.

Off then to quickly cut the cake, and for a quick toast, which was interrupted by an announcement over the ship’s tanoy system.

Meantime, regular passengers had begun to feast on their reception buffet.

What a disaster, which just goes to show that it’s best to have your wedding at home.

When they called the cruise line to complain, they were told that a “per minute” charge would apply. I think it’s at this point, if not before, that I would have gone absolutely ballistic… They did however get a reimbursement from the cruise line.

You can read the full story here

Better Marriage Blanket Absorbs Farts

Ah yes, at last here is a REAL story, one that is right up my alley…

Apparently a company has produced a product called the Better Marriage Blanket that has the power to absorb flatulence.

According to the website, the product uses the same type of fabric that the military use to protect against chemical weapons.

Well, I have heard of farts being deadly, but using military equipment to deal with them, that just proves it!

I wonder if the blanket also has any means to be kept in place, because it one or other of the sleeping couple pulls it off, it’s not going to do any good is it. Maybe it also comes with elastic to help keep it tight around your neck, so the smell can’t escape from underneath.

Given time, a comedian could go far on this topic I am sure.

You can read the full story here


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