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Nudist Colony

A middle aged man decided that it was time to change his lifestyle, so he moved into into a nudist colony, but he decided not to tell his family where he had gone as he knew that they wouldn’t understand, especially his elderly grandmother who was really old fashioned and prudish.

However, not long after he joined the nudist colony, he received a letter from his grandmother, asking him to send her a current photo of himself in his new location.

The man was far too embarrassed to let her know that he lived in a nudist colony, so he cut a photograph of himself in half, but accidentally sent her the bottom half of the picture by mistake.

He was really worried when he realized that he had sent the wrong half, but then he remembered how bad his grandmother’s eyesight was and hoped she wouldn’t notice what he had sent.

A few weeks later, he received another letter from his grandmother.

The letter said, “Thank you for the picture. You should change your hair style though, it makes your nose look too short”.

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