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Funny Naughty Christmas Pictures

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We found so many funny naughty Christmas pictures this year, we thought we ought to create a special post and keep them together, just in case we upset anyone with some adult themes, bad language or religious blasphemy.

If any of these are likely to offend you, just click on the link for the rest of our Christmas Jokes or for our complete Jokes Index, giving you instant access to over 2,000 great jokes and funny pictures.

Meanwhile, for those of you who are more open minded and enjoy a good laugh, no matter what the subject matter, here are some really funny naughty Christmas pictures.

But first, here’s a question for all you ladies out there. Do you find Santa sexy? Are you like this sweet thing in the picture above on Christmas Eve, all by herself, sitting by the chimney, dressed to kill and waiting for Santa to come?

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Santa Out On The Town

Image Source: Social Media

It’s getting close to Christmas and Mrs Claus has been busy day and night baking mince pies and other goodies for Christmas. As a result, poor old Santa hasn’t been getting a lot of “action”. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised to find the jolly fellow all spruced up and set for a night out on the town.

Do you think Santa got laid? I wonder what’s his favourite position? Reverse reindeer? Is there a bad girl out there who got a nice present from Santa this Christmas?

Santa’s Mistress

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Unknown to Mrs Claus, this Christmas old Santa has found a way to shorten his journey on Christmas Eve, so before he goes home to Mrs Claus, he plans to stop off for a bit of Elfish nightlife and his mistress will be there waiting for him. Santa is one lucky guy, don’t you think?

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Santa’s Sexy Elves

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When the younger girl elves decided to start making Christmas lingerie as gifts for the good girls on Santa’s Christmas list, it seems that it gave them some naughty ideas of their own. I wonder if Mrs Claus would approve. It might help to brighten up her night life with Santa, when he returns from his annual trip around the world.

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Santa’s Favourite Elf

Santa's Best Elf. Image Source: Social Media

I hope I don’t have to explain the wording on the Christmas sweater, but it sounds like this just might be Santa’s favourite elf!

Image Source: Social Media

Snow Globe Sweaters

Image Source: Social Media

So, if you wake your boyfriend / fiance / husband / lover on Christmas morning wearing a pair of these, do you think you would get lucky? Of course it could backfire, because as we all know, nipples get harder when they are cold not when they are kept nice and warm. It would be nice to find out though.

How Jesus Got His Name

Image Source: Social Media

Well, if you ever wondered how Jesus got his name, now you know! As for whether Joseph’s remark was true or not, I guess we will never know. Still, if he did exist, judging by the way he stood up to the establishment and the Romans, he did have bigger balls than most, even if it was just metaphorically speaking.

Two Deer

Image Source: Social Media

So, I was looking for a Christmas Sweater to wear to the office party and thought this was just perfect.

Well, it was perfect until I took a closer look at the price and decided it was too fucking deer!

Secret Santa Present

Image Source: Social Media

Well you always struggled with what to get as your Secret Santa present, but this year you found out that your Secret Santa recipient is one of the secretaries.

Oh boy is she hot! She dresses sexy, she flirts, but she pretty much ignores you, while paying plenty of attention to the other guys in the office.

What to get her though? You searched on Google for ages, then came across this and since the Secret Santa presents will be revealed at the office Christmas party, it’s the perfect opportunity for some payback.

A Couple Of Tarts!

Image Source: Social Media

I guess there’s no way Fred can prove his innocence and it looks like he has already had a nibble.

Guess Who Wore The Best Sweater To The Office Christmas Party

Image Source: Social Media

So this year she decided to go all the way with her outfit for the office Christmas party and wore a Christmas sweater that couldn’t not win. Well, considering all the looks she got from the guys in the office, there wasn’t a doubt.

Southern Christmas Card

Image Source: Social Media

I saw this Christmas card in a card shop in Alabama and had to do a double take.

Let It Snow

Image Source: Soclal Media

The best laid plans go wrong again! Oops! Bet the neighbors got a good laugh out of it though. I wonder if any of them read the message and complied?

Santa Is A Dick

Image Source: Social Media

So you give your kids a chocolate Santa Claus, watch them take the wrapper off and it’s “Quickly Tommy, give that to me!” as you realise what Santa looks like under the wrappers.

Santa And The Golden Dildo

Image Source: Social Media

Here’s a lovely statue of Santa Claus with a cute teddy bear and OMG is that what I think it is? A golden dildo! Oh it’s a bell, phew, I just thought for a moment it was… just me and my dirty mind…

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