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Name Your Child According To Your Profession

Most parents give their child common names, either because they like those names or because they have maybe been the names of family members through the generations.

Some parents, however, get a kick out of naming their children after something else, like their profession.

Here are some good examples.

Lawyer's daughter:               Sue 
Thief's son:                     Rob 
Lawyer's son:                    Will 
Doctor 's son:                   Bill 
Meteorologist's daughter:        Haley 
Steam shovel operator's son:     Doug 
Hair Stylist's son:              Bob 
Homeopathic doctor's son:        Herb 
Justice of the peace's daughter: Mary 
Sound stage technician's son:    Mike 
Hot-dog vendor's son:            Frank 
Gambler's daughter:              Bette 
Exercise guru's son:             Jim 
Cattle Thief's son:              Russell 
Painter's son:                   Art 
Iron worker's son:               Rusty 
TV show star's daughter:         Emmy 
Movie star's son:                Oscar 
Barber's son:                    Harry

Can you think of any more? If so, please leave us a comment.

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