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Murphy’s Nails

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Murphy was proud of his nail making business and decided to employ an advertising company to help promote it. He had visions of Murphy’s Nails being the best nail making company in all of Ireland.

So he went to a top advertising agency to have them create a marketing strategy for his nail making company.

The agency assured him they could create a memorable television advertising campaign in just a week.

Murphy was over the moon when he heard this, he just couldn’t wait to see what ideas they came up with to advertise his business.

So, the following week, Murphy went back to the advertising agency and was shown in to a small theatre where they allowed him to view the finished television commercial that they had put together.

The theatre lights went off and the screen sprang into life.

The television commercial began with view of a sunset over a desert.

The camera panned around to a hill and then zoomed in to the top of the hill.

At the top of the hill was a wooden pole.

The camera then panned up the pole, to where a couple of feet were hanging.

It then carried on up to a man’s torso, up to his face, and there to Murphy’s horror was Jesus’s face.

The camera then panned along an outstretched arm, to a hand pinned firmly to a stake by a gleaming nail.

On the nail was proudly emblazoned the slogan: “Murphy’s Nails”.

Finally, a caption appeared on the screen “Murphy’s nails – they’ll never let you down”.

Well, as you might expect, Murphy, who was a staunch Catholic, was outraged at what he had just seen.

“You will get me shut down”, he screamed at the campaign manager, “That there is just blasphemous! I’ll give you a week to come up with a decent campaign, or I will go elsewhere”.

A week later Murphy went back to the advertising agency and was shown into the theatre again.

“This had better be an improvement”, he warned the campaign manager.

So, the lights dimmed, the screen leaped into life and the revised commercial began to play.

On the screen was a Roman street with lots of people milling about.

The camera then panned quickly to left to see Jesus running like hell down the street, being pursued by two Roman guards.

The camera then zoomed in on the two guards, to catch one saying to the other, “This would never have happened if we had used Murphy’s nails”.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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