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Murphy’s Bible

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Murphy and Feargus were riding on the London Underground and Murphy was sitting there, quietly reading his Bible.

Feargus, who was sitting next to him, seeming amused to see Murphy reading the Bible, asked him, “You don’t really believe what they say in there, do you?”

“Every word”, Murphy replied.

“Really?” Feargus asked. “Well how about the Noah story, the flood, the animals going into the ark two by two and all that malarkey. Do you believe all that?”

“Absolutely” Murphy said.

“Well what about God creating the universe in six days?” Feargus asked.

“All true, I believe every word”, Murphy replied.

“What about Jonah then”, Feargus asked. “How could a man live for three days inside the belly of a whale?”

“Yes, I believe that too” Murphy said.

“Well, how could that be then. How did he breathe?” Feargus asked.

“I don’t know”, Murphy said. “When I get to Heaven, I’ll ask him”.

“What if he’s not in Heaven”, Feargus asked.

Murphy replied, “In that case, you can ask him!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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