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Murphy The Truck Driver

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“Murphy The Truck Driver!” What a job title! This was his first day at his new job and Murphy was already enjoying being a truck driver. He had been given a huge truck to drive and now he felt like the king of the road.

Southampton was his destination for the day, a load of copper tubing to pick up and to deliver to Birmingham the same day.

All was going well while he was on the motorways. Nothing could be simpler with the route virtually mapped out for him.

It was, though, a different matter when he came to the normal roads again. Suddenly signs were smaller and in shorter supply.

Harder and harder it became to find the way, until suddenly he was faced with the dread of all drivers – an unsigned T junction.

Left or right? Which road should he take? The left or right t-junction dilemna that as drivers we all face once in a while.

Worse still though for Murphy was that the road was quite narrow. Make a mistake and there was little chance of being able to turn back in his huge truck.

“Take a chance, take a right turn”, Murphy thought to himself.

So, he turned right and all went well for about two miles, until he rounded a sharp bend and ran into a low bridge which seemed to have jumped out of nowhere.

That was it. The lorry was firmly jammed and to compound the problem, there in a lay-by stood a police patrol car seemingly waiting for the accident to happen.

Now the first sign of being in trouble with the law in any situation, is when the policemen get out of the car and hitch up their trousers.

This they did and Murphy knew the game was up. He was in trouble and panicking with every step closer the policemen took towards him.

There was not going to be a case of a reprieve, so Murphy decided to try and bluff his way out of his sticky situation.

“Now, sir”, one of the policemen said sarcastically, “having a bit of bother are we?”

“Not really, officer”, Murphy replied. “It’s just that I’m delivering this bridge and I can’t find the address!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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