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Murder Mystery

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It was the opening night of the latest production at the theatre and this production was a murder mystery play.

A Scotsman went up to the ticket office, only to learn that the show was completely sold out.

He found an usher and pleaded with him, in his Scottish brogue (just read this to yourself as if it was Sean Connery talking), “You must help me, I am a HUGE theatre fan. I’ve been to every opening night performance at this theatre for twenty five years. I can’t bear to miss this play, I love murder mysteries, is there any possible way you can find me a seat?”

The usher said to the Scotsman that he would see what he could do.

A few minutes later, the usher returned and told the Scotsman he had found him a vacant seat.

He led the Scotsman him inside the theatre to be seated.

A few moments later the Scotsman was waving for the usher to come over again.

The Scotsman whispered to him, “This play is a mystery and I LOVE mysteries. But I have to watch a mystery close up. Get me a better seat, and I’ll give you a handsome tip”.

The usher once again managed to find the man a seat, this time in the second row.

As he seated him, the Scotsman handed him a pound coin.

The usher looked at the pound coin, leaned over and whispered in the Scotsman’s ear, “The wife did it”.

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Murder Mystery is a great game to play at a sleepover party. Find out how to play here.

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