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Missing Husband

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The woman was getting worried about her missing husband. He usually came home right after work, but her husband was not home at his usual hour and his wife was both fuming and worried as the clock ticked later and later.

She was by this time a little worried, and debated whether to call in a missing person report to the police.

Finally, about 3am, she heard a noise at the front door.

She got out of bed, and as she stood at the top of the stairs in her slippers and nightie, there was her husband, drunk as a skunk, trying to navigate the stairs, precariously staggering from side to side and holding onto the bannister for dear life.

“Murphy, is that you? Do you realize what time it is?” she shouted down the stairs at him.

He answered, “Don’t get excited Ethel, I’m late because I’ve been to the pub for a few drinks and I bought something for the house.”

Immediately her attitude changed, and as she ran down the stairs to meet him halfway, she said, “What did you buy for the house, dear?”

His answer was, “A round of drinks!”

And that is when the fighting started.

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