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Merlin The Wizard

Image used under a Collective Commons License from: This joke about Merlin the Wizard is best when you read it to yourself, with the “Chap” having an upper-class English accent and “Merlin” having a gruff old voice.

An upper class English chap walks up to another chap, who is wearing a pointed hat and says to him:

Chap – You’re Merlin aren’t you?

Merlin – Why yes, it’s nice to be recognised!

Chap – You are a bit of a Wizard I hear?

Merlin – Well Yes, I’ve been told I’m skilled.

Chap – You do tricks and things, don’t ya, you know, magical stuff?

Merlin – Magical stuff, yes that’s correct.

Chap – Turning kings into frogs, and that sort of thing, is that right?

Merlin – Well yes , I suppose I could turn a king into a frog!

Chap – Ever mucked up, you know, made a mistake?

Merlin – Well yes, hasn’t everyone?

Chap – Can you reverse a curse?

Merlin – Yes I can. Provided I have knowledge of the person who applied the curse, and the actual words of enchantment, I could do it. Why do you ask?

Chap – I’m cursed!

Merlin – Really? And how long have you been bewitched?

Chap – Years.

Merlin – Do you know the words spoken over you to lay this curse?

Chap – Oh yeah, I can’t forget them!

Merlin – What were they?

Chap – something like … Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife…

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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