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Mercedes Convertible

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An elderly couple returned to a Mercedes dealership, where the salesman has just sold the Mercedes Convertible they were interested in, to a beautiful, leggy, busty blonde.

“I thought you said you would hold that car until we raised the $75,000 asking price”, the elderly man said to the salesman, angrily. “I just heard you closed the deal for $65,000 to that lovely young lady over there. When we were looking to buy the car, you insisted there could be no discount on this model!”

“Well, what can I tell you”, the salesman responded. “She had the ready cash, and just look at her, how could I resist?” the salesman said with a grin.

Just then the beautiful young woman approached the elderly couple and gave them the car keys.

“There you go”, she said. “I told you I would get the dope to reduce the price. See you later, grandpa”.

It just goes to show that you should never mess with the elderly!

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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