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The owner of some commercial properties in Dublin had three shops available for rent. The three shops were all in a row on the same street.

He placed an advertisement in the local paper and the very next day, prospective clients who wanted to rent the properties turned up to view them.

Aidan was the first prospective renter to arrive, he said he wanted to rent the shop on the left.

The owner asked him, “Fine, what kind of shop do you have?”

Aidan replied, “It’s a menswear shop”.

The owner told him that he gets a free sign on the shop front and asked what he wanted on the sign.

“Menswear”, Aidan replied.

Seamus was the next prospective renter to come along. He said he wanted to rent the right hand shop.

When the owner asked him what kind of shop he wanted to open, Seamus replied “It’s a menswear shop”.

The owner also told him that he would get a free sign, and Seamus said he wanted “Menswear” on it.

When the owner told him that the left hand shop would also have a sign saying “Menswear”, Seamus replied, “No problem”.

Finally Murphy came along to rent the middle shop.

The owner was most concerned because he knew that Murphy also had a menswear shop.

Rather worried about the answer, the owner asked him what he would like on his sign.

Murphy replied: “Entrance will do nicely”.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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