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Me Mudder

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Here’s a lovely poem entitled “Me Mudder”. I have no idea who wrote it, but it’s probably at least as old as I am, if not older. I hope you get a chuckle out of it as well like I did.

When me prayers were poorly said
Who tucked me in me widdle bed
And spanked me till me arse was wed
Me Mudder

Who took me from me cozy cot
And put me on the ice cold pot
And made me pee if I could not
Me Mudder

And when the morning light would come
And in me crib me dribbled some
Who wiped me tiny widdle bum
Me Mudder

Who would me hair so neatly part
And hug me gently to her heart
Who sometimes squeezed me till me fart
Me Mudder

Who looked at me with eyebrows knit
And nearly have a king size fit
When in me Sunday pants me shit
Me Mudder

When at night her bed did squeak
Me raised me head to have a peak
Who yelled at me to go to sleep
Me Fadder!

If you are familiar with it, you can sing along to the tune of “My Brother” by Terry Scott. Here it is on YouTube.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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