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Two colleagues were riding to work on the bus, when they both saw two dogs going at it on the grass.

One man, who had been married for a while, looked at his colleague and said, “Oh boy, I would give anything if I could do it to my wife like that”.

The other man, who was a single guy, said to his friend, “Oh heck, that’s pretty easy really. When you get in from work, just feed her three martinis. That should do the trick”.

Well, the same two colleagues were riding the bus to work the next morning.

The single man asked the other, “Well, did you get to do it to your wife doggie style last night?”

The married man replied, “Yes I did, but it took SIX martinis!”

The single man exclaimed, “SIX martinis! How come it took so many?”

The married man replied, “Hell, it took three just to get her out on the grass”.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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