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Looking For Treasure

Image used under a Collective Commons License from man was searching in a cave, looking for treasure. He searched for hours, convinced that there was something valuable hidden in the cave, but he found nothing, not even a trace and was beginning to feel really despondent with his fruitless search.

Suddenly, his flashlight shone on something that glinted and reflected the light back at him.

On investigating, he found that it was an old lamp, the kind you see in those old takes about Aladdin etc.

Feeling sure it was pointless doing so, he nevertheless rubbed the lamp, and to his utmost surprise a genie appeared.

The genie said to the man, “I will grant you three wishes, but think very carefully before you make each wish, because your ex-wife will get double”.

The man agreed to the genie’s request and said “I wish I had a mansion”.

The genie granted the man’s wish, he was given a mansion and his ex-wife got two mansions.

The man said to the genie, “For my second wish I would like a million dollars”.

The genie again granted the man’s wish, he received a million dollars and his ex-wife received two million dollars.

Then the man said to the genie, “For my thirs wish, scare me half to death”.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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