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Lingerie For Valentines Day

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A man decides to buy his wife some expensive lingerie for Valentines Day, so he pays a visit to a well known fashion store in the mall that always advertises the sexiest of underwear for women.

While he is looking around the store, he notices that as the prices of the lingerie go up, the items become more skimpy, the amount of material decreases and they become more see-thru.

The most expensive item in the lingerie range that he decides upon is $500.

Since he is in a good mood and no doubt hoping to benefit from his gift, the man decides to purchase that most expensive item for his wife.

He completes his purchase and heads home to meet his wife and show her his surprise gift.

“Happy Valentine’s day sweetheart!” he says when he gets home. “I got you a little something special”.

“Ooh what is it?” she replies as she takes the fancily wrapped package from him and begins to unwrap the gitf.

Finally the gift is unwrapped, revealing the lingerie.

She literally squeals in delight, “Oh my gosh I love it!” and gives her husband a passionate kiss.

“Why don’t you go try it on, honey?” her husband suggests.

So, she runs upstairs to try it on.

It’s then that she notices the price tag, as well as the fact that the item is so revealing, it basically looks like she is wearing nothing at all.

So, she decides just to go downstairs naked, to return the item later, and pocket the $500.

When she gets downstairs, she asks her husband, “So darling, what do you think?”

“Hmmm”, he replies. “You would think for $500 that they would have at least ironed it”.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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