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Learning To Text Message In Middle Age

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Picking up a cell phone and learning to send a text message in middle age is not as easy as it is when you are younger, but no matter what your age, the fact is that some people pick up how to use technology better than others.

A middle aged couple had recently got themselves a smart phone each. They were really excited because their daughter had shown them both how to send and receive text messages on their new gadgets.

Gwendoline, who always thought of herself as a bit of a romantic at heart, decided one day while she was out shopping that she would send her husband, Jeffrey, a text.

And so she sent him the following text message:

If you are sleeping, send me your dreams.
If you are laughing, send me your smile.
If you are eating, send me a bite.
If you are drinking, send me a sip.
If you are crying, send me your tears.
I love you.

Her husband Jeffrey, who was a no-nonsense sort of guy, texted back this reply:

I’m on the toilet. Please advise“.

I didn’t hear what happened when Gwendoline got his reply, but I like to think she laughed so hard she peed herself…

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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