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Lawyer vs Doctor

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This is a great story about how a doctor stood up to a lawyer in court and the defendant got off.

It was one of the most gruesome cases ever to come before the court in the small town, and if found guilty, the defendant would spend the rest of his life behind bars.

The case had not been proceeding well for the defense. Though there was no direct evidence, the circumstantial evidence was quote compelling.

The only chance the lawyer had was to cast some doubt in the minds of the jurors. He decided that his only hope, was to attack the testimony of the medical examiner.

Lawyer: “And prior to declaring the victim dead, did you check his pulse”?

Doctor: “No.”

Lawyer: “Did you perform CPR?”

Doctor: “No.”

Lawyer: “Did you do anything to determine if the victim was still alive prior to declaring him dead?”

Doctor: “No.”

Lawyer: “Then, Doctor, isn’t it possible that prior to declaring the victim dead that, in fact, he may have been alive and that it was your negligence that caused the death?”

Doctor: “Aside from the fact that his brain was in a jar, I suppose he could have been out practicing law.”

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