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Last Wishes

Douglas Manson is dying. He is lying on his deathbed, knows that the end is near, and the time has come to make his last wishes known.

His nurse, his wife, his daughter, and two sons, are with him.

He beckons to his wife, who comes to his bedside, and he asks for two witnesses to be present.

He also asks for a camcorder to be in place, in order to record his last wishes, and when all is ready he begins to speak….

“My son, Arnold, I want you to take the Mayfair houses”.

“My daughter Janet, you take the apartments over in the east end”.

“My son, James, I want you to take the offices over in the City Center”.

Finally, he says, “Maria, my dear wife, please take all the residential buildings on the banks of the river”.

The nurse and witnesses are blown away as they did not realize his extensive property holdings.

As Douglas slips away, the nurse says to his wife, “Mrs. Manson, your husband must have been such a hard working man to have accumulated all this property”.

His wife replies, “Are you kidding me? He only had a paper route!”

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