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Lady Of The Night

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Donald and his wife were having a hard time financially, so they thought things over and Donald, convincing is wife that she was still a “looker”, they decided that she would try her hand at being a “lady of the night” to see if that helped to bring in some extra money.

Well, his wife was not quite sure what to do, so Donald said to her, “Stand in front of that bar over the road and pick up a guy. When he asks how much, tell him it will cost him $100”.

Donald added, “If you’ve got a question, I’ll be parked around the corner so just come and ask me”.

Well, his wife had barely been standing on the street corner for more than five minutes, when a guy pulled up in a Ferrari, wound down the window and asked her, “How much sweetheart?”

She replied, “$100”, like her husband had asked her to.

The guy got his wallet out and looked frustrated. “Drat!” he said, “All I have with me is $30”.

She thought for a minute and told the guy to hold on. She ran back to Donald and said, “What can he get for $30?”

Donald replied, “Tell him he can get a handjob”.

So, she ran back to the street corner and told the guy that all he can get for $30 is a handjob.

The guy said that was okay, so she got in the car, the guy unzipped his pants and out popped a simply HUGE penis.

When I say HUGE, I mean MASSIVE! It’s the biggest one she had ever seen, bigger than anything in her wildest dreams and naturally far bigger than her Donald’s.

She stared at it for a minute and then said, “I’ll be right back”.

She ran back around the corner again and said breathlessly, “Donald, can you loan this guy $70?”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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