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Johnny Passed His Driving Test

Driving Car. Image Used Under A Collective Commons License from:

Johnny passed his driving test and just got his driver’s license.

The family decided that it would be a great idea if Johnny took them all for a ride in the family car, so they all went out and watched as Johnny climbed into the driver’s seat with a huge grin on his face.

His father, meanwhile, opened a rear door and climbed in to sit behind Johnny, while his Mother climbed in beside him and his younger sister climbed into the back.

Johnny turned around and said to his father, “I guess you are sitting in the back to get a change of scenery after those months of teaching me how to drive?”

“Not exactly”, his father replied. “I’m just going to sit her and kick the back of your seat while you drive, just like you have been doing to me ever since you were a baby”.

Now that’s what I call payback, nice one Dad!

Image Used Under A Collective Commons License from:

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