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Jeeves The Butler

Image used under a Collective Commons License from: wealthy couple decided to give their butler, Jeeves, the rest of the night off, as they planned to go out for the evening.

They told Jeeves the butler that they would be home very late, and that he should just relax enjoy his evening.

As it turned out, however, the wife wasn’t having a good time at the party, so she came home early, alone.

Her husband, however, had to stay with the others, since several of his important clients were there.

As the woman walked into her house, she saw Jeeves sitting by himself in the dining room.

She called for him to follow her, and led him into the master bedroom.

Jeeves followed her up the stairs, and into the bedroom as she has asked him.

She then closed and locked the bedroom door.

The woman looked at him and said, “Jeeves, take off my dress”.

He did this very slowly and carefully.

“Jeeves”, she continued, “take off my stockings and garter”.

Jeeves silently obeyed her.

“Jeeves”, she then said, “remove my bra and panties”.

The butler removed her bra and panties as she asked, and as he did this, the tension continued to mount.

The woman looked at him, and then said, “Jeeves, if I ever catch you wearing my clothes again, you’re fired!”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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