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Italian Neighbor

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A man was paying a visit to his Italian neighbor, who just had a very serious traffic accident and was in hospital.

He didn’t look too good, with his arms and legs in plaster, completely wrapped in a bandage, tons of hoses and infusions. In fact he looked rather like a mummy.

The man tried to have a conversation, but his neighbor had his eyes closed and wasn’t responding.

Suddenly his eyes jumped wide open and he started to gurgle and gasp. During his last gasp for air he said: “Mi stai bloccando il d’tubicino ossigeno, Pezzo di merda ….”

The man listened very carefully to what his neighbor was saying and inscribed the words in his heart.

At the funeral he told the black-clad widow that her husband had something to say.

“And”, she asked with tearful eyes,”was it that he loved me? “

“I do not know,” said the man, “but it sounded like Mi stai bloccando il d’tubicino ossigeno, pezzo di merda ….

The widow screamed and fainted.

“What?” the man asked his neighbor’s daughter, “what did he say, what does that mean?”

And the crying daughter said, “You are standing on my oxygen hose, you git.”

Image used under a Collective Commons License from

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