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Irish Twins Sailed With Sir Walter Raleigh

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It is a little known historical fact, but a pair of Irish twins sailed with the explorer Sir Walter Raleigh on his voyages of exploration in the New World.

The Quinn twins from Dublin were almost identical, except that Patrick had one huge eye and one normal one, while Michael had one huge ear and one normal one. They both volunteered to join Sir Walter Raleigh in his round the world voyage.

“With my big eye, sor, I can see for miles. I’d be ideal in the crow’s nest look-out”, said Patrick.

“Agreed”, said Raleigh, “welcome to the crew”.

“And with my big ear I can hear even the quietest sound”, said Michael. “I’d be ideal on deck listening for any talk of mutiny”.

So, both of the Quinn twins were hired and duly the ship set sail on their voyage of discovery.

Three days out into the Atlantic Ocean, Patrick called from the crow’s nest. “Ship on the port bow”.

Sir Walter Raleigh took out his telescope and scanned the horizon, but he could see nothing.

“It’s there, skipper, believe me”, answered Patrick.

Three hours later a tiny speck could be seen through the telescope.

“My God, what amazing sight you have!”, Sir Walter Raleigh said.

“Yes, and she’s a Portuguese man-of-war”, said Patrick.

“How on earth do you know that?”, asked Raleigh. “Surely you can’t see the flag?”

“No, sor”, said Patrick, “but my brother can hear them talking”.

Image used under a Collective Commons License from:

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